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Welcome To My Home Page
You are here. That is a phenomenon in itself. Your next task is to peruse the wonders of my site and judge for yourself whether or not they ought to allow "just anybody" to create a website. About the site:

"A BLURB" Page-- Click here to find an abrupt visitation into the life of the man they call Jared James.

"MARRY ANDREW COWAN" Page-- Click here, ladies, to find out about Minneapolis's hottest new theologian.

FAVORITE LINKS PAGE-- I will assemble the greatest links page the world has ever known. Come here for all your web search needs.

ARTICLES PAGE-- You will find numerous articles. Many of these delve into serious socio-political issues, are influenced by a background in post-Modern literature interpretation, and have thought-provoking religious overtones.

POETRY PAGE-- Poetry can instill the best in us, except for Lord Byron's "Manfred;" that will turn you into some kind of Nietzschean revolutionary. You won't find that stuff here.
Site Updates
3.30.03 Made website-- introductory stuffs.
3.31.03 Added some killer articles and a mad hoppin' Andrew Cowan page.
9.20.03 It's been a while, but I'm back at it, gettin' rid of some junk on here. I should be doing homework though.
Also, I'm considering some kind of journal section, which I'm sure will be infinitely valuable (notice the facetiousness in my style).

President Wiggins: President of Campbell University or French National Championship Rodent-Clogging Competition winner for the years 1971-1975? YOU decide!

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A paragraph about nothing.
This paragraph will not contain any valuable informayion whatsoever, so you might as well stop reading it. I'm going to use it to add some information to the page for filler reasons only.

Sky on fire!
This is a picture i took after my grandfather accidently lit the sky on fire. Notice the tall pole-looking human in the bottom of the picture. That is my grandfather, embarrassed. It's ok grandfather! Everybody makes mistakes!