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Currently, I am a senior (by hours) English major at Campbell University, in Buies Creek NC. Andrew Cowan is sitting in my room eating pizza that I got for him from Pizza Hut-- they gave us a free one! Jeremiah is sitting on his bed, talking about his Mass Comm project. His room is still messy.

I was born in High Point, NC, in a hospital that they filmed a movie in, and then tore down to build a bigger hospital. I moved from High Point when I was six to Chesterfield, VA, where i learned how to ride a bike and play soccer, and frequently visited the James river. Well, honestly I don't know how frequently.

From there i moved back to High Point!!! Weird huh? When i went to High School, I was a scared little kid for two years, then I started running track and made a lot of friends-- by the time i left i was sad because i was leaving a bunch of new friends. The Lord really changed my heart in the last half of my senior year, and I started caring about telling people about Christ. Then, it was time to graduate and i gave my salutatorian speech, stuttering viciously all the while. When i was done, they gave me a standing ovation. I guess they liked it.

Then i came to college. I met Jeremiah, Guy, Stephen, and Laura Kate. The first three quickly became my best friends, and the last one, (not so quickly) became my girlfriend. The first three and i had many many many crazy adventures together, which will not appear in this synopsis of my life. i think the coolest thing we did, though, was gather together every night to pray for each other and for our campus, even if it was 3:30 in the morning. What great pals! The last one and i had many fun times together as well. She's a swell gal, but we broke up a while ago.

So here i am sitting at my computer, working on a website. Ahh... what will the future hold for our young hero? Only time will tell!!

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