poetry for a new generation
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Why for a new generation? What about the old one?
The author feels that with 20th century trends being what they are, and people responding to them the way they do, and cultural maxims becoming as commonplace as the daily news, it is time for a call for something bigger, something better, something "new."

  1 Corinthians 10:31
A milkman runs his little cart up, down,
"i'm just a milkman," he says, "but i live
Perchance to bring this lovely milk to town
Because i have nothing else to give."
All weary, brokenhearted come to get
A bottle, sometimes two, of loves and cares
For farms can be all blood and work and sweat,
But faithfully our man supplies his wares.
Though travels he down simple country lanes
And nary known by no one far and wide,
He sits with her who offered up two coins
And truly says "i live for Him who died."
And on and on we see our milkman trod
Until at last he gets his rest in sod.

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  Ein Junge Adreissert Sein Spielzing
Listen up mine underlingly subjects!
It is I, your prophet who directs:
Perk up your little toy ears and listen
Make sure you notice my glory glisten.
It is time for change around here
But it's for the better, so don't fear.
Some of you are going to have to go;
you should be glad to be in the know.
So quickly file off to your chambers
(oh but guilt; they're necessary dangers).
Now for those of you who are left:
Neither shed tears nor feel bereft.
Your friends are being used as wisely as you
So don't think it vain– that's simply not true!
It's all for the good of the sum, you see–
You and they shall make playroom history.
But you are much different from all of them;
You're much superior; made from a greater stem.
So it is for you, and you alone
To whom my best new toy is shown:
Toys on the shelf, toys in the garbage can,
I introduce to you mine Superman!

  The Exigence for Evolution
One fish two fish red fish blue fish small fish;
So just ask God, get whatever you wish.

And when you wish for an egg do you fear
"No, scorpions for you!" is all you'll hear?

And drinking milk, cultured, you can't understand
Why when we're old we're led by the hand.

The sun will wait no longer in the sky;
The sun keeps running through the by and by.

When will we learn oh impetuous babes?
Shall our childhood bring us to our graves?

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