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Why should i marry Andrew Cowan?
-- Business degree from Campbell
-- well-acquainted with many theological systems
-- Reformed
-- nice hair cut
-- used to be good at basketball
-- a prayer warrior
-- goes to the Bethlehem Institute (John Piper School).
-- likes to hang out
-- will argue anybody into the ground
-- a great pal
-- likes to stay up late and talk to people

The Application
Hair Length:
1. Do you think you're called to marry Andrew Cowan?
Why or why not?
2. If Andrew was suddenly called to minister in Iraq, could you joyfully go?
3. If Andrew was called to spend 70 years working in McDonald's, would you be happy supporting him in his ministry?
4. Describe your stance on the inerrancy of Scripture. It would be helpful to define the term.
5. Describe the theological system you ascribe to. It would be helpful to define any and all terms (i.e. supralapsarianism, hyper-dispensationalism).
6. Describe your stance on the commands to women in Ephesians 5:22-33 and 1 Timothy 2:11-15.
7. Do you like Ensure? Are you willing to buy large quantities of it?
8. What is your favorite band? (If country, you need not apply.)
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This is Andrew Cowan, bachelor.